Saturday, July 26, 2008

all work and no play makes lei a dull girl

I enjoy making an easy transition from work wear to hanging out wear. This was today's:


The tank is BCBG Max Azria, the shorts are H&M, the shoes are Nine West, and the watch is D&G. Yawn... dress codes bore me.


The BCBG Max Azria tank as seen above, AE shorts, Fornarina shoes, Miss Sixty Belt, and silver Sweet Years watch.
I'm babysitting my cousin's dog, Sly, who made a guest appearance....

I love him dearly.

Toodles, Lei.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Yesterday was rather eventful and successful. I went shopping with my mom, grandmother, and aunt because I feel as though I've been neglecting them lately. On the outing, I fell in love with this Free People dress and had to buy it despite the fact that I really should be saving up for my trip to New York City. I spent a few hours at the gym, showered, put on my new purchase, and went to see the Batman movie. It has been sold out all week, luckily my friend managed to snag us tickets for yesterday evening. It was a great film, certainly worth all the hype and attention it has been receiving. I've heard that everyone accomplishes something great before they die, and I think Heath's portrayal of the Joker was just that... one last bit of his greatness.

I wore the Free People dress with vintage gold sunflower earrings, a gold Sweet Years watch my cousin brought me from Italy (I have it in silver from when I went to Italy), and BCBG Max Azria clear jellies. The jellies don't do much for the ensemble but since my shoe wardrobe is lacking, they'll have to do for now. When I go to New York in a few weeks I'm definitely going to be getting some shoes.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fall/Winter '08

My ever so eventful life has prevented me from posting in what feels like decades... but I'm ever so happy to be back in action.
So let's discuss Fall/Winter '08...


I'm amazed with the new MBMJ campaign. When I first laid eyes on it I smiled and thought out loud "Marc's done it again". It's fresh. It's comedic. It's a man in womans apparel... and an A+++ in my books. Cole Mohr has never looked prettier... the line itself isn't too shabby.

(images from


Hermès f/w '08 line has captured my heart. Casual and simple warm tones and neutrals with intricate yet delicate prints make for a very pretty fall.

(photos from yahoo news and getty images)


Balenciaga's F/W '08 line has my vote. Bold and futuristic pieces with lots of black, white, and silver seem to scream FEMME FATALE!!!

(images from


OH NO Chloé!!! I am not impressed with this line... especially with regards to the footwear and handbags which I find to be atrocious. With the exception of a few pieces of clothing this line (in my opinion) is a complete and utter failure.

(images from

Burberry Prorsum

I feel as though Burberry Prorsum's F/W collection defines the season. It's so crisp and wonderful and perfect in every way. I love it.

(images from


All I have to say to Luella Bartley is... just because Halloween happens to be in fall doesn't mean that you should base your whole line on it. It's one day... and this line is grotesque compared to your Spring/Summer one.

(images from

Miu Miu

Miuccia... SNAP OUT OF IT! Miu Miu is not athletic wear... I want to cry. This line is as bad as the trip she must have had while creating it. Oh and the shoes are horrid for example...

But the shoes of Miuccia's Prada line are no better... best described as an acid tripping fairy, have a look:


(images from

BCBG Max Azria

Last, but certainly not least, for the good of fall/winter '08 is BCBG Max Azria. This line is clean-cut, neutral, and very chic. I am very proud to work for such a fabulous company, and even more grateful for the lovely discount that accompanies the job. I'm certainly investing in some of these items!!!

(images from

I hope you enjoyed my horribly lengthy post, I felt as if I owed you it seeing as I have been rather neglectful.

Tell me what you think...