Thursday, April 30, 2009

house of harlow 1960 launch party

I went to the launch party for Nicole Richie's jewelry line House of Harlow 1960 last Tuesday at Holt Renfrew on Bloor. It was amazingly fun with free goodies, vintage-inspired jewelry, drinks, and Nicole's adorable little self! I picked up a pair of her starburst leather and gold earrings which are FANTASTIC... and I got a free MBMJ bracelet in my goodie bag. Hooray for Holts!

Nicole and I... I couldn't resist!



Monday, April 6, 2009


Our road, like all roads, led to Rome. It was my third time in Rome so the sight-seeing was a little redundant but awe-inspiring nonetheless. Personally, the Pantheon is the greatest sight in the city... it never ceases to amaze me and inspire a gasp or two. We went, we saw, we bought a lot of stuff... and then we went home... to North America... to reality... to school... to work... to a horrid existence. I miss Europe immenselyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

la pieta!!!!


We made an afternoon stop to Siena which was rather exciting since I'll be studying there in a couple of years! It was an overall great day, we sat in the main piazza and had amazing espressos, shopped (Max Mara loves me), and ate at this delicious little bakery! It's such a pretty and rather quaint town. Definitely my second favorite after Florence.

Florence: the greatest city in the world

After Paris was Florence, Italy... I swear I lived there in another lifetime. It is my single favorite place in the entire universe. The art, the history, the shopping, the food, the well-dressed and well-kept locals. Ahhh... I miss it just talking about it. I refuse to upload any photos of myself because i looked ever-so haggard after our overnight train ride. Yuck...

My heart is yearning, but Paris is burning.

Next was Paris!!!!! Which was gorgeous... and had shopping that would put any American stores to shame. I even got to go to Colette... ahh it was too awesome for words! And of course I went to the Louvre, Versailles, Notre Dame, et al.

London Calling

My European excursion was amazing! London was our first stop and we fell in love... I need to go back for an extended stay in the near future.
Here are some photos for you:

phonebooth, naturally....

eeek! i teared up at the sight of the rosetta stone!