Thursday, May 31, 2007


For all of you who have fallen in love with the wondeful idea of bringing back the old and making it new, I salute you. Vintage is beyond fantastic, it's unique, and a guaranteed "oh my God, where did you get that?!"

For Suzy, from the sensational VintageAmore, vintage was more than just the composition of her closet, it was (and still is) her lifestyle.

"Lucille Ball was my idol when I was a kid, which turned into a room full of memorabilia and then morphed into a closet full of clothes that you would find in Lucy's teeny tiny apartment closet. My love for vintage started there and has gotten out of control ever since..." Suzy explained to me; it is evident that her admiration for all things vintage escaladed into the immense success that is

"I love vintage clothes, vintage pictures, vintage anything. There's something about owning something old that you really can't put a finger on, but it makes you feel unique and lucky," Suzy's passion is quite understandable, I too felt a similar rush when purchasing my first piece of vintage. It's almost as if you've got a piece of history; you're in the dress of a aspiring hippy, or the blouse of a prominent feminist. It's mind-blowing. No one can say it better than Suzy herself, "When in doubt, I wear vintage. It makes me feel ├╝ber cool."

Vintage junkies, check out Suzy's stuff at She's got everything from home decor to vintage couture!

My personal favourite is this Scarlette Parade Dress...

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Vintage Amore said...

Awww, thanks dahling! What a nice little write-up! I can't wait to see more from MAKE IT HOT!

<3, Suzy @